We here best buffet restaurant in Carrollton understand that food is the nourishment to the soul and body. Therefore we endeavor to satisfy your taste buds with the best authentic Indian cuisine. Our motto is to serve happiness through food. Consequently, we believe in providing our customers with the most exceptional feasting experience for the best value of their money and time. Treat yourself with our sumptuous ‘Weekend Lunch Buffet,’ which will get your taste buds tingling. An excellent dining experience at Vedika waits for you to relish delicious Indian Cuisine. In this fresh spin of lunch, you can take a dig into luscious finger-licking traditional Indian flavors. The meals are inspired by different provinces of Indian states, where the taste and smell of the food changes with every kilometer

We cater to the varied tastes and preferences of people of all ages and groups, allowing every food lover to treat themselves with the flavors of their choice. Our expansive ‘Weekend Lunch Buffet’ is the perfect lunch option for a weekend outing, corporate lunch meeting, a casual gathering among the colleagues, or an intimate lunch among the two people. Be our guest, and let us give the opportunity to serve you with the exquisite spread featuring our delicious selection of twenty plus appetizing buffet items with best Buffet offers in Carrollton.


Adult - $12.99 | Kids(4-10 years) – 50% off

Opening Hours – Weekends | 11 AM to 3 PM

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